About Al Aamal

We are a training and development institute that offers a unique Training Programmes and HR Solutions with clear measures on the training and teaching cycles. In Addition we provide a unique follow-up mechanism which enables us to work with the companies' stake holders in developing their staff through creating an on-going consultation process. In AL Aamal we aim on reducing the gap between the targeted performance and current performance through ensuring that the delegates are implementing the skills back in the work place. Our design for our training procedures distinguishes us in the market as we have group of specialized people in each field.

Our Training programmes focuses on the following:

  • Creating the right attitude of doing the job.
  • Develop the individual ability to understand his own business objectives through achieving his company's objectives.
  • Creating the positive mindset that will allow the individual to perform through developing their comfort zones.
  • Achieving high ROI within three month action plan post attending the training.
  • Motivate people to working together as unified team through team building and motivations.
  • Develop the leadership skills within the mid, junior & senior management layer.
Those that understand the importance of training absolutely know this to be a fact. It's not a belief or an opinion, or a preference. It's certainly not an attitude. It's a cold hard fact: training is important