For the first time in Saudi Arabia, Al Aamal Training Institute in cooperation with MTA Learning is proud to give you a never before and a unique learning experience that will help developing your skills and potentials.

 MTA's experiential learning and development materials are used by trainers in many countries and by the world's biggest organizations.

MTA's has a team of specialists who focus on :

 -       The design and deliver of the materials that allows trainers to deliver experiential activities.                                     

-       Share their knowledge and experience.

-       Develop trainers.

-       Provide development programs for team, management and organization.

-       Arrange for a unique customer service.

It started in 1992 with 16 team development activities, and now they have more than 100 different activities (From 5 minutes activities to full development days) in more than 100 countries.

MTA Learning activities have benefits for everyone:

They benefit the facilitator by the fact that they are reusable activities come with full guidelines, they benefit the participant by being relevant and related to the work place and they benefit the organization by developing and improving its staff which positively affect the productivity.

Why is experiential learning unique ?

-       Experiential learning is a dynamic process which engages the student.

-       The commitment established by the student to benefit the most of their learning.

-       Students learn to solve issues by themselves.

Benefits of using the experiential approach:

It focuses on the participants and their learning needs which make it easier for them to fully understand the learning and relate it to this personal situations and working environment.

experiential learning includes:

Learning through activity.

In planned learning the primary activity is a group task, followed by the students intellectually involved in reflection and review.

Each student is encouraged to improve individual understanding of what they learned and how to benefit their learning.

To end with, ideas for development are tested are verified and assessed through following activity.

experiential learning accomplishes:

Experiential learning leads to measured and scheduled change which is based on changes in intellectual methods.

How does it occur ?

The changes are accomplished because students improve an individual understanding of the learning that is related to them. They recognize and comprehend :

-       The changes that are potential and suitable

-       How to make these changes

-       The advantages of these changes

-       The effect of the changes